This is a showcase for my art and conversations about creativity.¬†Thanks for checking out my comics page. This is a placeholder until April of 2016, when I plan on releasing my freshman comic book effort, Super Fantastic Bang! Bang! Show. Yes, that is the name, and it is all about this seemingly ordinary girl, Juanita, who has a dog, Harry, and they are a bit too curious for their own good. It is an extremely rewarding process to work on this concept from the ground up, and using minimal technology, I hope to have a physical ‘zine-style, independent comic book ready to share by summer of 2016. In this comic book, I will have another comic strip, My Hippie Family, with short vignettes throughout the book. My Hippie Family and the Super Fantastic Bang! Bang! Show are set in the same universe. My Hippie Family follows C.S., a teenager in a garage punk band, living with his hippie-dippy parents and his challenging siblings. These will be one pagers, and I am hoping to publish them weekly, online, as a webcomic. Tune in occasionally for sneak peaks, and tell me what you think! In the meantime, have courage, and be kind!

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Peace, Love and Family!